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Brand Photography Tips

Visual brand identity is made up of a variety of elements, including photography. Brand photography is a great way to let your audience in. It allows you to build an authentic connection and show your own personality through imagery.⁣

SMEs can often find it hard to showcase their brand on social media due to the lack of authentic content. Although graphics are a great way to engage audiences, photography can often provide a human element and be more relatable for your audience – often resulting in higher engagement.⁣

When approaching photography, a lot of people are often camera shy. This can sometimes make it really hard to get usable content for your social media or website. We recommend starting to take photos of your work environment. Set up your office or desk space to look presentable and professional before taking some pictures. The more you get used to taking the photos, the more confident you will become around the camera.⁣

A hurdle we often face with my clients is getting employees or clients to participate in photos. We always think the people behind the business are just as important as the business itself. Start by giving them control and let them take photos themselves. Always ask permission to use the photo online and you could even provide incentives for participation.⁣

Top 3 tips for Brand Photography are:⁣

⭐️ Always keep photos clean, simple and professional.⁣

⭐️ Get everyone involved and invest in basic photography training for you and your employees.⁣

⭐️ Always get permission and ensure no confidential information is included.⁣

Brand Photography should be a vital element of both your brand and social media strategy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!