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Case Study: Elizabeth Stiles

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Stiles, a leading Fashion Brand Consultant. Elizabeth wanted to revamp her existing branding, to create a new look that reflected her personality, whilst also considering her audience and how they engage with her online.

Elizabeth’s bespoke Brand Design and Development Package included:

⚡️ Idea Generation⁣
⚡️ Colour Palette⁣
⚡️ Typography⁣
⚡️ Logo Design⁣
⚡️ Assets & Icons⁣
⚡️ Branded Social Setup⁣
⚡️ Social Media Templates⁣
⚡️ Presentation Templates⁣
⚡️ Podcast Artwork⁣
⚡️ Brand Guidelines

💬 “Georgia is so talented! I wanted to work with her after I saw some of her work on social media – I loved the vibe and her playful use of colour! I was always sceptical to spend money on branding but now my website and social channels feel really consistent.”⁣

Scroll through the slides below to see the final outcome!