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E-Mail Marketing Tips

E-Mail Marketing is still one of the most effective ways a business can connect and communicate with their audience. However, with around 293 billion E-Mails being sent out a day, there’s a lot of competition to beat.⁣

Whilst people scan through their inbox at an alarming pace, they are constantly making decisions based on priority and value. So what is influencing their decision?

Subject Lines and Preview Text.⁣

The Subject Line and Preview Text are a vital aspect of your E-Mail Marketing strategy. They give your audience an insight into what your E-Mail is about and most importantly whether it holds any value. With a short attention span and multiple other E-Mails waiting to be opened, the deciding factor is going to be whether your E-Mail is worth opening.

In order to drive open rates, we have a few suggestions:⁣

◾️ Use an Email Campaign tool like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor (My personal faves!)
◾️​Keep your subject line between 5-7 words (Max 40 characters)⁣
◾️ Use Merge Tags to personalise your Subject Line with a name or topic – get creative!⁣
◾️ Stay away from the dreaded SPAM style. (No CAPS or !!!!!) ⁣
◾️ Never use false hope like “You’ve won £1k” (False hope = Clickbait = No Trust)⁣
◾️ Always write your own Preview Text, never set it to default⁣
◾️ Include buzzwords and a sense of urgency⁣

E-Mail Marketing tools like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor allow you to send E-Mails to your mailing list with ease. Their set up features allow you to write your own subject lines and preview text whilst also including Merge Tags to add a touch of personalisation.

We hope this helps, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!⁣

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