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Graphic Design Tools

As a small business, it can be a struggle to budget for a Graphic Designer. This can create a problem when wanting to distribute professional looking content across your channels.⁣

The easiest and cheapest way to combat this problem is to start using templates on sites like Canva and PicMonkey.

Once you develop a level of confidence with these tools, you can then get more creative using photoshop and illustrator.⁣ If you’re an iPad Pro user, you can begin to explore apps like Procreate and Vectornator (my personal favourites)⁣.

A few things to remember when creating graphics.⁣

⚡️ Always stay on brand. This doesn’t necessarily mean adding your logo, you can remain consistent with your branding by using the same colour palette and typography.⁣

⚡️ KISS. Keep it super simple. Use your graphics as a prompt, not a resource. Sometimes cramming too much information into one graphic is too overwhelming. Make use of carousel posts or caption spaces to add value to your content.⁣

⚡️ Where possible, use real photos. Stock images will only get you so far and real images will help your audience to develop a connection with your brand.⁣

Get creative and make use of free tools! 

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