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Iceberg of Branding

Branding isn’t just a logo and a fancy colour palette. It’s much more. It’s all about building a strategy below the surface of your brand that helps you to achieve your objectives. The Iceberg of Branding framework helps you to understand the fundamentals of what your brand strategy should include.

👁 The Visible Brand.⁣
Above the surface lies the visual aspects of your brand this includes your message, attitudes, values and culture. To get these perceptions across, we use branding assets that include logos, tag lines, visual identity and offerings. These elements are a visual shorthand for your brand and provide the full experience and expressions to your audience.⁣

💬 The Perceived Brand.⁣
Underneath the surface lies your perceptions. This is the foundation and strategy of your brand. It includes your personality, core message, market strategy, positioning, brand promise, mission and core values. Without understanding the foundations of your brand underneath the surface, it is hard to truly connect with your audience and tell honest stories.⁣ There are plenty of great resource to consider  when delving deeper into your perceived brand, we recommend using those created by Hubspot.

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Iceberg of Branding Visualisation
Iceberg of Branding Visualisation

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