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On-Brand Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to offer an insight into the ‘Behind the Scenes’ and relaxed side of your brand. The chronological system allows you to have an even battlefield amongst your competitors and provide valuable content that keeps your audience engaged. But are you using this to your advantage?⁣

With Instagram Stories offering more creative freedom than ever before, don’t let this factor distract you from keeping your content in-line with your brand. Follow our tips below to transform your stories:⁣

🔹 Insert your logo or submark onto your stories. This can be a great way to ensure your audience recognise your content and become familiar with it on a regular basis. To do this, have your logo/submark saved as an image on your device. Go into photos, select ‘copy’ and then go back into instagram to click ‘Add Sticker’.⁣

There is no reason not to keep your stories in-line with your brands colour palette. Firstly, don’t stay limited to the colours Instagram offers. Make use of the eyedrop tool and pick out the colours from your logo or image you previously added in the tip above.⁣

If you are going for a text only story with no background image, ensure your background colour matches your brand. To do this, use the eyedrop tool in the previous tip and using the drawing feature tap and hold until your background is one colour.⁣

Try and stick to one font style on your stories, this will keep your creativity consistent. A great way to get creative with text is to make use of drop shadows or spaces out bold lettering. To get a drop shadow, simply type your text > select all and click ‘copy’ > go to type a new bit of text > tap and click ‘paste’ > change the colour > resize over your original text.⁣

Good Luck!

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