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Small Business Social Media Tips

Managing your social media channels alongside running your business can be hard work. A lot of business owners struggle to find the time to make social media their priority, and let’s be honest… it is probably the last thing on your mind.⁣

However, running your social media channels doesn’t have to be time or energy consuming. Follow the tips below:⁣

⚡️ Start small and grow big. Focus on one social media platform to start with. Put all of your attention towards sharing the best content possible and understanding your audience. Once this platform is at its optimum performance, then expand onto other channels.⁣

⚡️ Customer Service needs to be 10/10. Make your audience feel great. Start engaging with their posts, getting to know them through Direct Message and focus on building real relationships. Have you ever asked for help on a business page and they didn’t respond? How did you feel? Valued?⁣

⚡️ Free tools… USE THEM. There are plenty of free tools available that will help you to save time and produce quality content. Search online for free Content Calendars, Post Schedulers and Graphic Design apps.⁣

⚡️ Measure and Optimise. Success will only happen when you put in consistent effort. To check how well your page is doing, you need to do regular reviews. Majority of social media sites come with free built in analytics that will help you to identify how successful your page has been. These stats aren’t just numbers. They are the key to unlocking even more success. Try to find patterns in your failures and successes to work out the magic formula.⁣

Best of luck! If you want to explore Social Media Management as an option, click here.