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Social Media Scheduling

Ready to get organised?⁣ Scheduling your social media posts is a great way to keep on track and save time.⁣

As part of your social media strategy, you should have identified a plan of action for your content, who you are targeting and the best channels to use.⁣

A big part of this strategy is being consistent. I will admit, staying on the ball with content is hard. In fact, doing it right can feel like a full time job. Remember, it’s not just your content that needs to be perfect. It’s your channel choice and timings that matter too.⁣

An effective way to keep on track is by using a social media scheduling tool. (I’ve been using Hootsuite for the past 5 years) but other tools are available! A few other options include:

These tools can post for you on a selected date and time across a variety of channels including LinkedIn and Pinterest!⁣

If you’re a busy business owner. This will definitely save you time and keep you on track with your content plans.⁣

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