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The RACE Funnel

RACE is a practical framework that can be used to help you plan, manage and measure your inbound marketing.⁣ Fuelled by content, the four steps guides you through the customer journey:⁣


This is your opportunity to introduce your brand and connect with your audience through the use of relevant and purposeful content. Your content will be discovered and explored on a variety of channels including search engines and social media.⁣

🔷 ACT⁣

Interaction. If your content meets the needs and desires of its audience, you want them to act and take the next step. This typically will be directing them to your content hub. This could be your website, blog or community page. Here you want draw in your audience and guide them to making a decision. ⁣


Once the decision has been made, the purchase process will begin before turning into a conversion. Here you want to bring in various tactics to capitalise on marketing. This could include re-marketing, Email Automation or excellent customer service. ⁣


The final stage is to encourage your customer to be an advocate for your brand. Make them proud to be associated with you so they share their positive experience with others both online and offline. You want to build loyalty that will lead to repeat purchases and long-term engagement to boost your customer life-time value.